COCERT becomes H2E ambassador

COCERT becomes H2E ambassador

In a holistic approach to construction, COCERT is diversifying its activities to offer you an unprecedented service in Luxembourg that is entirely dedicated to health in buildings.

Stemming from the idea that buildings must be a place of life to protect People from the elements, COCERT is committed to the construction of sound buildings.

Energy performance is a key factor, but it is insufficient to provide space that fully meets the requirements. It is inconceivable to develop respiratory disorders at home because of polluted indoor air, and it is inadmissible to be unable to get a good night’s sleep due to electromagnetic fields, etc. COCERT is expanding its team and seeking to welcome an engineer specializing in environmental health, and in doing so creating an alliance between energy and health for an indoor environment that provides space to people.

As an H2E (Healthy Home Experts) ambassador, COCERT uses health as the prism through which to offer missions adapted to the entire building life cycle:


Support in terms of land diagnosis before acquisition or construction

Assistance to the general contractor and project owner for construction or renovation projects with checks upon reception

Periodic monitoring of your building

Control intervention following a complaint

To guarantee the health, well-being and comfort of the occupants in your buildings, give COCERT a call!

About H2E:

The H2E service for "Healthy Home Experts" is:

  • Building-related health advice and recommendations
  • Training for construction and building professionals, as well as awareness raising for the general public
  • Health certification for construction products
  • Building certification with a Breathe certificate
  • Research and development with innovative projects